Shiatsu Cordless Massager




Tapping and portable full body massager handheld- from neck to foot. Shiatsu deep kneading massager has a built-in advanced heat function that transfers warmth to tight ligaments, knots & tendons to improve the blood circulation, hasten muscle recovery, & related health conditions. 



UNIQUE DESIGN – Hands-free, adjustable, battery-operated massager handheld , rechargeable, with deep tissue massage nodes or 3D rotation kneading rollers to massage trigger and pressure points. The penetrating kneading ball action comes in an ergonomic U-design, 3 speeds, bi-directional with infrared radiation heat 96.8° – 104° F and on-reach variable settings.



A therapeutic finger-pressure, non-invasive procedure, and natural alternative to pain medication to relieve unwanted pain and distress.  It will boost your immune system, improve your body's ability to heal itself, and enhances flexibility. 



Provides a realistic massage that emulates the hands due to its slower pace and rollers positioned slightly different, making it feel more like human hands at work. Massage your knots out, any hard-to-reach part of the body and control your desired intensity, never worry on tangles anywhere, anytime, at all occasions, hands-free.



Get your personal masseuse now and surprise your loved ones with this deluxe massager - an original gift idea for elders women, men and for the entire family.

Do you feel your sore shoulders or you need to release your muscles after a long day of work ??

'Cooolll Smart Products' Shiatsu cordless massager provides muscle relaxing from neck to foot with enjoy and fun.  Each Cooolll Shiatsu Massager Belt provides: 

  • Deep Tissue Massages Capability.
  • As You Desire Massage Intensity .
  • 2 Massage Heads of 4 Balls Each.
  • Reversible Kneading Directions.
  • Velcro Straps with Extension for Hands Free option.
  • 2 Directions Massage Functionality.
  • Freedom of Cordless Device.
  • Carrying Case.
  • Selectable 3 Speeds Option.
  • Selectable (ON/OFF) Soothing Heat.
  • AC Adapter and Car Adapter.
  • 15 Minute Auto Shutoff.
  • 2 Minute Auto Direction Change.  


Heating Ability

The Cooolll massager has a build-in infra red heating ability selectable on/off button. The temperature is very close to body temperature 96.8° – 104° F (36-40° C) therefore not everyone fills always this low temperature. The heating and the infra-red has good affect on tight and sore muscles.


Warranty and refund 90 days - 100% refund.

You have full money-back guarantee option. If you're dissatisfied with your purchase in the first 90 days for any reason, contact us for a 100% refund.  If you will have any fault with the massager you have one full year warranty.


Wonderful gift for the holidays

Pamper yourself, your loved ones and your friends by a unique gift of Cooolll Smart Products shiatsu massage belt. Many of those around you need a relief from pain and stress. They will thank you a lot for this wonderful gift.


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Bless you!!





 Big 5 Stars!!


By Jennifer Stewart on October 26, 2017

Omg. This thing is AMAZING. Both my husband and I use it. He’s on his feet 12 hours a day so his back and knees kill him. I love that it has different massage modes, especially the kneading one which really gives you a good, deep massage. The other thing I love is that you can plug it into the car. We just got back from NC, a nine hour drive and I might’ve died without this. It was perfect for my neck and knees and upper back. The fact that you can put it anywhere is a godsend. I also use it on my feet because I have plantar fasciitis and it’s seriously the only thing that has ever been able to help that. And the heat setting!!!!! It’s perfect for lower back pain. It works great anywhere on your body that hurts you just have to find the right setting. I’ve been using this every morning and I’ve found that I don’t even need coffee! It relaxes you and wakes you up at the same time. I’m not hobbling around for two hours in the morning anymore! Also, there are straps your hands can go into so if you’re using it on your neck and shoulders you can also read a book or play with your phone while holding the massager in place. I may buy another so I don’t have to share with my husband :). Really an amazing thoughtful product that enables you to massage literally whatever hurts with or without heat. And if one mode stops being effective in the moment you can switch modes and it’s like a brand new massage. Buy it!!!!!




 Which is pretty cool for me


By Allannah Buruns on January 24, 2018

Real deal! Human-like hands at work! The position of the balls hit the right spots on my shoulder blades. It has 3 speeds and it changes its direction after a couple of minutes, which is pretty cool for me. Just a quick tip: Don't use it for an extended period of time or you'll end up with a sore spot for a couple of days. Overall, this is extremely helpful and budget-friendly! No regrets!

Shiatsu Cordless Massager​

Customer Reviews​

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 I really enjoy


 By Cordova Betche on January 25, 2018

 I really enjoy a deep massage, and this one also feels like a licensed therapist. What I love most about it is that, it really is convenient to use whenever and wherever. Sometimes, I feel really tired to go somewhere and have a massage or even wait for the therapist to arrive, this just solves the problem right then and there. Seller is very accommodating as well, would recommend to friends


  Great product for really good price!

 By Amazon Customer on December 20, 2016

 I am loving my massager! I've had it a little over a week and I look forward to using it! I am a crossfit ter so I have sore muscles pretty regularly! I also have tendinitis in one of my shoulders and I get trigger points around my scapula. This massager is great at working the trigger points out and helping my sore muscles! I like that there are 4 nodes on each head, and the 2 bigger ones are actually different sizes. So it feels very similar to a real massage as in there being different pressures! As other reviewers have stated, the heat isn't just real warm but it's noticeable when it's off. I think this is a great product for a really good price! Very pleased with my purchase!



 Great product!


By Amazon Customer on November 11, 2017

Long day at work and you get to lie down with this massager, ohhhh! Sudden relief!! very comfortable to use, and very flexible, I thought of buying targeted massagers but this is "all in one"! I mean, why would I buy a cheaper one that can only do a certain part when I can have this in a few more $, right? Besides it won't always be just one side of my body that will ache! : D

With just a little adjustment, you can place it in any part of your body and pull it towards you, depends on how much strength you like, it's also really cool - it's cordless. I used it already several months on a daily basis and it works great - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED





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